PMAC 2019

Personal growth doesn’t stop when you leave school or when you land that big job–that is just the beginning!

Ken can help take your professional development to the next level, grow your next generation of leaders, or help teams relate to each other more effectively.

Expect to see results right away: real results that improve your quality of life and help supercharge your career by developing your skills in strategic planning, change management, problem solving, learning acceleration, and gaining clarity on your personal and professional goals.

Coaching Topics

Why Aren’t You More Like Me?™ The Secrets to Understanding Yourself and Others

Based on Ken Keis’ book of the same name—understanding ourselves and the differences of others, and how that applies to every part of our life is critical to our everyday success. Professionally, career, personally- it does not matter—everyone has a personal style that is influencing their choices and preferences. If you want to be effective and intentional—then not only do you need to know yourself, but you must also understand everyone else to realize your full potential.

Secrets To Performance Optimization: A Holistic Approach To Development and Success

Everybody talks about increasing performance—but how do you do it? One of the keys is that it is rarely one item but many factors that contribute to who we are and what we need to be aware of to realize out potential. In this session we will share with you CRG’s Proprietary Holistic Development Model so you have a roadmap to follow to develop yourself as well as others.

Why Don’t You Lead The Way That I Follow?™ or Deliberate Leadership

Every leader must have one characteristic if they want others to follow and that’s credibility! The fact is every one of us has a level of credibility with everyone we meet if we want it or not. It is the price we pay for showing up. Do you know the impact that you are leaving with others? How do we lead others who are different than us? Based on Dr. Ken Keis and Dr. Mitch Javdi’s book Deliberate Leadership.

The Quest For Purpose A Self-Discovery Process to Find It and Live It!

Over 80% of individuals dislike what they do from mildly irritated to loathe. Only 10-20% actually feel fully connected to their purpose, passions, and calling. This number is not acceptable. Based on Ken Keis’ book The Quest For Purpose we take you through a journey of self-discovery of confirming you purpose in all areas of your life.