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For 34 years Ken Keis, Ph.D., has been helping individuals and organizations reach their greatest potential.

When you have a guide down the path to success, something amazing happens. Your mind opens up to opportunities that were right in front of you all along. Challenging situations suddenly undo themselves with ease and conflict begins to dissolve. Profit and employee satisfaction go up, and stress and turnover go down. But how do you get there?

An expert in leadership, personality assessments, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, wellness & purpose bring Ken Keis to speak (virtual or live) to your team or at your event-he’ll lead the way.
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  • “We want to thank you, Ken, for the recent leadership development session help with my management team. The session accomplished my primary objectives in a very professional and non-threatening fashion. I highly recommend your process for all organizations, particularly ones trying to move to a more effective team approach.”

    Fred Townley-McKay, CEO, Southwest Credit Union
  • “Ken’s keynote was the best I have experienced in over five years. If you want a professional, interactive and content rich style speaker, I can confidently recommend Ken Keis as someone who delivers – every time!”

    Alene Holmes, Meeting Planner, Steinbach Consulting & Associates
  • “Ken, your consulting services, coaching expertise, and your ability to communicate effectively exceeded my expectations. Thank you very much for being the lead consultant for our national business process redesign project. Like the VP of Chrysler stated on tape, this was the best work he has ever seen, to help us move forward.”

    Steve J. Landry, National Manager, Chrysler

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